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Strengthening psychological health: The BLOOM™ Framework 

An individual can only truly flourish within a supportive community, and communities can only truly flourish when all individuals adopt responsibility for the wellbeing of others. 


The Flourishing World Programme has developed a unique framework to build the strong psychological foundation needed to live well with others in the 21st Century. 


The framework is anchored in evidence from the science of human flourishing, which has illuminated the factors that optimize our capacity for psychological growth, enabling us all to BLOOM™.

All courses and workshops at The Flourishing World Programme center on the BLOOM™ framework for psychological growth and wise action. 


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The BLOOM™ framework expands upon ideas identified in the book, “Creating the World We Want to Live In: How Positive Psychology can Build a Brighter Future”, published in 2021. 

The BLOOM™ framework also integrates the extensive knowledge of our team of interdisciplinary experts, who have led psychology and behaviour change programs at New York University and Harvard Business School, among other institutions.

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